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Deep Blue sold to Private Partnership

Steve Brenman, the owner of Deep Blue, a serviced apartments business, was considering his retirement. He contacted Avondale to discuss his goals, and we set out on a strategic journey to increase the business value in preparation for sale.

After further discussions, Steve’s retirement plans accelerated and it became important to market the business for sale. Through expert market research and salesmanship, several offers were secured by Avondale.

As the strategic work had not yet been completed, Avondale negotiated for Steve to retain a stake in the business. The preferred bidder was a private partnership and provided significant investment in the business. The company also supported a large scale-up, both organically and through acquisitions.

Avondale are now assisting the partnership in their acquisition requirements. Steve is able to spend more time on his passions, but retains a role as chairman with the aim of building the venture to over £50m value in the next five years.

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