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Januarys sold to Carter Jonas

Avondale worked with Januarys, a leading firm of property consultants for a number of years, helping the owners prepare for an exit. This included assisting them in acquiring a business and focusing on securing recurring revenue streams. Ultimately a sale strategy was engaged as the practice had limited succession plans beyond its principal senior shareholders.

Avondale secured offers from three parties through the creation of a competitive environment, before leading the transaction through to completion with Carter Jonas, a company which was also originally founded in Cambridge. The transaction, beyond being a true homecoming, also added significant value to the purchaser.

“We would thoroughly recommend Avondale to any company who are in the position we were two years ago of knowing you need to do ‘something’, perhaps feeling that you do not want to and certainly not knowing what ‘something’ might be or look like! Their guidance was invaluable.”
Simon Dazeley, Managing Director, Januarys

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